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Alubond u.s.a continues its agressive expansion program with a high speed ultra modern coating line.  The new facility will be located in  Hamriya Free Zone, Sharjah, UAE  and capable of coating PVDF, FEVE, (similar to Lumiflon) Polyester, Dual Color and  5 coat stone series. This  High Speed line will be  capable of coating upto 1575 mm width.

PVDF 2 Coat

PVDF 3 Coat

Dual Color Coating

Alubond’s Coil coating line has developed a Dual Color Coating technology. Architects and clients now have a choice of having more than one color in the same panel to offer coated coils for composite panels, grarage doors and roofing industry amongst other applications. The line’s cpacbility inlcudes a wide range of coatings like PVDF, FEVE, Nano Self Cleaning, Ultra Durable Polyester, 5 Coat PVDF natural marble and wood series, Anti scratch and Dual Color Coating Systems.

5 Coat Natural Series

A fully warrantied 5 Coat PVDF & Fluropolymer coated Aluminum Composite Panels is now available in natural stone and wood series.

Alubond u.s.a range of PVDF and Fluropoleymer (FEVE) paint systems allows a gloss levels from low matt to high gloss upto 90% can be produced.

Stainless Steel Series

Alubond u.s.a introduces the new technology composite panels in genuine Stainles Steel finishes of brushed (Butler) and high mirror finishes. The natural beauty, flatness and rigidity of stainless steel is now combined with the lightweight, flexible and ease of fabrication of composites making Alubond’s Stainless Steel Composites an architects’ dream.