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Alubond Stainless Steel

Alubond u.s.a introduces the new technology composite panels in genuine Stainles Steel finishes of brushed (Butler) and high mirror finishes. The natural beauty, flatness and rigidity of stainless steel is now combined with the lightweight, flexible and ease of fabrication of composites making Alubond’s Stainless Steel Composites an architects’ dream.

Material Composition

Stainless steel Composite Panel (SCP) is composed of non-combustible mineral filled core and sandwiched between 0.3 mm thick Stainless Steel Sheets grade 304 or 316 of SCP-EX exterior grade stainless steel skin for exterior skin and 0.3 aluminum for back surface. SCP-INT is the interior grade economical version using 0.3 mm. The composite core for this grade is LDPE.

Product Dimension

Panel thickness: 3mm, 4mm
Core: PE or FR Core
Skin thickness: 0.3mm for High Mirror, 0.4mm for Brushed Hairline
Skin Finishes: High Mirror, Brushed Hairline
Alloy: 304, Optional 316
Standard Panel size: 1220 mm x 2440 mm

Optional size
Brushed Hairline: 1220 mm x length up to 6000 mm
High Mirror: 1220 mm x length up to 6000 mm

Product Tolerence

Width: +/- 2.00 mm
Length: +/- 4.00 mm
Thickness: +/- 2.00 mm
Diagnol: +/- 5.00 mm
Bow: 0.5% of the length or width