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ABTI Ventilated Subctructure

ABTI Ventilated sub structure system with Aluminum Composite Panel and insulation creates a natural ventilation reducing the amount of heat absorption in a building resulting in sub structural energy savings. The Easy Hook On system allows for panel installation at 400 times faster than conventional systems and makes it a “DEFORMATION FREE FACADE”

Key Features

  • High Quality flat facade (no buckling or deformation). Complete design freedom for curved or complex shapes.
  • High thermal efficiency resulting in energy saving.
  • Extremely quick and simple fabrication and installation.
  • Silicon free joints with homogeneous groves.
  • Insulation and air gap design prevent moisture penetration and condensation.
  • High fire rating standards.
  • Compatible for Solar generation facade.
  • Improved sound insulation properties.

Thermal Insulation
ABTI ventilated substructure system with Aluminum composite panels and insulation creates a natural ventilation reducing the amount of heat absorption in a building. This would further facilitate a favorable climate especially in countries with soaring temperatures in summer.

Diffusion of Water Vapors
The ventilated sub structure helps remove water vapor by means of natural ventilation. This would help the building reach an optimal temperature facilitated by the heat insulation properties of the wall.

Thermal Deformations
Temperature fluctuations and the differences between the expansion coefficients of the various materials used cause thermal deformation to the building facade resulting in ugly deformed panels. ABTI-ventilated sub structure system is specially designed to allow for free movement and negate any expansion or contractions. The result is a flat facade without any dents and deformations.

Moisture Resistance
ABTII- ventilated system protects a building from moisture penetration which is one of the main concerns in any construction. The ventilated sub structure helps the moisture to evaporate from the wall surface and thus the moisture content in the wall decreases. The ventilated sub structure brings the moisture from the cladding surface in the drainage without any contact with the heat insulator and the wall of the building.

Fire Safety
ABTI- FR panels using Dupont’s exclusively formulated mineral core with Zero LDPE content gives world’s Highest Fire penetration of 102 Minutes when tested as per ASTM E119.

Sound insulation
ABTI- ventilated sub structure in combination with Alubond ACP provides a high level of acoustic absorption cutting down on noisy exterior sounds.

Heat Insulation
Condensation which causes deterioration of the heat saving properties of the insulation material is protected by the implicit design of ABTI- ventilated substructure. This specially designed system helps prevent considerable loss of energy thereby reducing the thickness of the supporting walls improving the heat insulation properties of the wall.

Solar Generation
ABTI- ventilated sub structure and Alubond energy plus solar generation panels can capture solar energy and convert it into electricity and thermal energy.

Open Groove Hook on System

Gasket Hook on System

Actual Time & Motion Study report ABTI Substructure Systems V/s. Standard Mechanical System for 10.18 m2

* ABTI Ventilated Substructure systems has a 15% faster production rate

Substructure Installation Report

* ABTI frame work installation is 5% faster

ACP Panel Installation Report

* Setting up ABTI Paneling is 400 times faster